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Tiling to Reduce Allergies

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At best, allergies may have you sniffling and sneezing when the flower blooms announce, “It’s spring.” At worst, allergies can keep you stuck at home, feeling miserable, sometimes all year long. But what if being stuck at home is actually making the problem worse? Thanks to pet dander, dust mites, molds, mildews and other aggravators, …

Matching Other Surfaces

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Check out the other surfaces in your home. If you’ve got wood floors in your living room, and want tile for your entry, you need to think carefully about where you’ll transition from wood to tile, and about the look of the wood itself. For example, the grain of wood forms a pattern, and one …

Choosing Tiles

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Tiles are a combination of clay, minerals and solvents that are shaped and sized and then heated to very high temperatures. At this point, the tile can just stay as is and is considered finished. It’s unglazed and without decoration. Without the glaze, the tile is very porous and, though attractive in a rustic way, …